Your trusted dental

growth partner.

We’re a full-service dental agency for your dental marketing, recruitment and end-to-end event management needs.
360 Dental | rusted full-service dental partner

Your trusted dental growth partner.

We’re a digital agency offering a premium service across branding, website design, web development and digital marketing.

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More clients, more revenue, more profit.
From setup to growth, our extensive consulting has you covered.
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Working with practices to find the perfect team.

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Collaboration With The Best

360 Dental is a recognised ‘Partner’ for leading advertisement platforms including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Work with us and experience the peace of mind that comes with leaving your work in expert hands. Our strategic approach means that you get the most out of your ad budget. Enjoy more conversions and a better return on investment!

More Clients, More Revenue, More Profits.

Are you looking for a full-suite dental marketing company that can do it all for you?

At 360 Dental, we are driven by our commitment to make the practice owners’ and dental suppliers’ life easy by offering a range of services under 3 domains:

We understand that you are super-busy and someone teaching you how to do it, or dealing with multiple suppliers is the last thing you need on your plate; what you need is someone to do it for you with quality results that can save your time and increase your competitive advantage and profits.

The possibility to do all that and make a difference in someone’s business and personal life is what has been exciting us about what we do since 2007.

We deliver full-service solutions, both digital and offline, to help dental practice managers win new patients, gain more revenue, and generate better profits. From generating quality appointments to managing end-to-end events to unearthing new talent, we do everything to ensure your brand is seen, heard, and trusted.

Full-Service Dental Agency

That Practice Owners Trust

Dr Michael Sernik

If you are looking for marketing, Prabin and his team are the one to talk to.

Dr Hillel New

360 Dental is changing my direction of marketing and building practice in different areas where it’s lacking.

Dr Sigal Jacobson

I got 60 new cosmetic Dental Patients in a month. The team makes my marketing so easy.

Dr Sigal Jacobson

I got 60 new cosmetic Dental Patients in a month. The team makes my marketing so easy.

Michelle Lipscombe

We are getting double the phone calls we used to be getting, lots of online appointments and new patients coming through.

Dr Kate Stark

33 Veneers enquiries, 27 New Patients in 2 Months and 3 New Dentists Recruited


Australian Dental Association

Overall experience was great. It was a pleasure dealing with all of the staff there and I would gladly do business with them again.

Dr Shehan Warusevitane

Big improvement within a month and they are just so easy to work with. I’m glad I said yes to 360 Dental.

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